Image of the Darcy Globe

Creating a Brand for the future

Written by Gemma Darcy
Former Darcy Financial Planning livery style and colours

When I took the leap to start my own business nearly six years ago, the importance of creating a meaningful brand identity was not a high priority. At the time, I’d been an adviser in the financial services sector for over 15 years; going it alone – albeit with the power of St. James’s Place behind me – felt like a brave move.

Designer Visual Sense Logo

To celebrate our fifth anniversary in June 2023, I made the decision to introduce a visual identity that reflected both myself, the team and the services we now offer. I was recommended the talents of a creative designer – Andrew Greenwood of Visual Sense – to deliver concept ideas. The process from start to finish was illuminating. I couldn’t believe how much was involved in ensuring we struck the right emotional chord using colour and graphics. After delivering the brief and a pre-meeting, Andrew’s first stage had been to understand my Aim: Delivering financial planning advice in a language everyone can understand.

Text explaining about the brief for the project

When the time came for Andrew to deliver the selection of concepts, fonts and colourways, he explained he’d originated ideas to complement not just my personality, but my tone of voice. This was designed to reflect what makes me and the services we offer at Darcy Financial Planning unique.

The four new livery colours

The colour palette was also chosen by Andrew to reflect me personally using the information relayed in the brief and online social posts. I’d made the point of saying I didn’t want to follow a trend; Andrew explained anyone looking for longevity in an identity wouldn’t use this as a starting point.

Illustration of the Darcy font

The Darcy font is bespoke which is a significant bonus. This means I can take full ownership of my brand because it’s unique to me. The individual letter forms have been created by using an illustrative and systematic design approach. For example, the ‘a’ and ‘c’ are essentially the same shape, with necessary adaptions to ensure legibility. This creates a unified and purposeful series of letters. The ‘y’ is very script-like, adding a lovely, informal flourish. To use Andrew’s words: “The overall look and feel of the lettering is a ‘hybrid script’, combining gentle curves and undulations, which hint at humanistic collaboration.”

The final visual identity combined everything I was looking for. The Globe is called ‘Sunrise to Sunset’. It represents the holistic approach to the service we offer our clients – so caring for people’s financial planning from birth, through to succession. The ‘Darcy Financial Planning’ element is also a standalone, more effective against the strong, dynamic colours of our identity.

Image of the Darcy Globe

The striking palette and font combinations ensure our visual elements are easily recognisable, timeless, and represent what I personally stand for as a human being. The brief was well and truly delivered and I was thrilled with the result.

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