John Fielding | Company Director

When it came to planning our financial future, we needed to find an adviser we felt we could have a meaningful relationship with; ensuring you have enough money in retirement is so important. When you find someone like Gemma who you can trust and respect, the rest is easy.

Gemma really cares about financial planning. In the same way we care about health, she cares about wealth and we instantly felt a real synergy with our mutual career choices. Gemma listened and understood the perceived risk of the world we were in, explaining everything in our language.

More than anything Gemma gave us permission to evaluate our own belief system and explore beyond our comfort zone. There was no stereotypical arrogance and fixed mandate, which tends to make you defensive. Gemma was genuinely interested in our world with absolute openness and with an authentic desire to help us.

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Laura Tracey | Partner, Freeths LLP

Gemma carried out a joint review for me and my fiancé; she made a number of recommendations tailored to our own unique circumstances and has really put our mind at rest. Gemma is responsive, honest and professional but at the same time, incredibly personable and...

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Howard and Alison | Private Clients

The Visual Lifestyle Cashflow Plan did a great job of illustrating the potential of our pension pots. The meeting with John, Gemma’s Cashflow Manager, demonstrated to us that options we only considered as possibilities, are all now achievable and on top of that we can...

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