Kathryn Lord | Director of Quality Assurance and Patient Safety

I received a letter relating to my NHS Pension. It made no sense to me in terms of the content and the rules and regulations around it, so I went to my HR Department who put me in touch with Gemma. Her approach from the outset was very open and friendly and at no point did she make me feel stupid. When you’re confronted with so many figures, none of which make sense, it’s really confusing. Gemma’s in-depth knowledge at our initial meeting gave me such confidence and I remember thinking – this is going to be OK. Gemma made something that was a huge thing for me in my life – my NHS pension – into something understandable by going through everything step by step.

She simplified it and helped me understand the long-term impact. Conversations followed around other elements of my finances and my long-term plan, now we meet every year to ensure I remain on track.

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Laura Tracey | Partner, Freeths LLP

Gemma carried out a joint review for me and my fiancé; she made a number of recommendations tailored to our own unique circumstances and has really put our mind at rest. Gemma is responsive, honest and professional but at the same time, incredibly personable and...

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Howard and Alison | Private Clients

The Visual Lifestyle Cashflow Plan did a great job of illustrating the potential of our pension pots. The meeting with John, Gemma’s Cashflow Manager, demonstrated to us that options we only considered as possibilities, are all now achievable and on top of that we can...

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