Dr Ghislaine Sayer – Consultant Radiologist | Dr Martin Pike – Consultant Radiologist

We initially sought Gemma’s help when we had a sum of money we wanted to invest for our children. We found her to be extremely proactive in helping us set goals for our money and understand the pros and cons of different types of investment portfolios and levels of risk.

We were also completely out of our depth regarding our NHS pensions, but Gemma advises many doctors and was able to explain things to us in a way we could understand – our field being medicine not finance! My NHS Pension Report was hugely reassuring in relation to the impact of ‘Scheme Pays’ on my pension in the long term.

Gemma meets with us at least once a year when we review our investments together and make any changes necessary, depending on our life events and future plans. We also know we can contact her at any time for advice on matters large and small. I have asked Gemma a great deal of what are probably ‘stupid questions’ and she always has a timely and helpful reply. Highly recommended!

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Laura Tracey | Partner, Freeths LLP

Gemma carried out a joint review for me and my fiancé; she made a number of recommendations tailored to our own unique circumstances and has really put our mind at rest. Gemma is responsive, honest and professional but at the same time, incredibly personable and...

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Howard and Alison | Private Clients

The Visual Lifestyle Cashflow Plan did a great job of illustrating the potential of our pension pots. The meeting with John, Gemma’s Cashflow Manager, demonstrated to us that options we only considered as possibilities, are all now achievable and on top of that we can...

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