Need Help with your NHS Pension?

Written by Gemma Darcy

The decisions you make around your NHS Pension are some of the most important you’ll encounter as there’s no opportunity to change your mind once you’ve taken your pension.

Whether it’s wanting flexibility in retirement, or making that career choice, I’ve not yet met a single NHS client who felt confident with the information they’d been given relating to their pension. 

Put this alongside the implications arising from the McCloud Judgement, and it makes any decision for securing your future retirement confusing. So what’s the solution?

What does our personalised NHS Pension service offer our clients?

Gemma Darcy, Director and Chartered Financial Planner – Darcy Financial Planning Ltd

Your Personalised NHS Pension Report

Your personalised NHS Pension Report would cover detail such as an estimate of pension benefits at any age; full service and Annual Allowance calculations; errors found and corrected, and a 7-year remedy period, recalculated for both Annual Allowance and retirement. We can even measure the impact of taking a fleet car.

No ‘one size fits all’ solution

As a rule, my clients had gleaned most of their advice by discussing best approach with colleagues. However, once they’d received their personalised report, we were able to show them exactly which remedy option was best for their personal situation. It clearly illustrated there’s not a one size fits all solution. 

We recently found an error in a client’s pensionable pay which would have resulted in their pension being significantly less each year in retirement if we had not identified it.

Our clients tell us how much they appreciate its clarity

Written testimonials from clients

But it’s not just about saving money

It’s also about the ability to plan forward knowing what income you will actually receive on retirement. 

Also included with our personalised NHS Pension Report service, is a 30-minute financial feedback session to enable you to ask questions and ensure you fully understand its contents and any implications for the future.

So if you’d like to experience exactly what one of our Reports entails, do get in touch and we we’ll send you a complimentary example copy. Or just call our Director and Chartered Financial Planner, Gemma Darcy, for a no obligation chat.

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